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is often confused with the practice of giving money & time to help make life better for others. Although this can be philanthropic, it more accuratly defines Charity. Philanthropy, however, at it’s core is more a verb than a noun and puts focus on the root problems causing the need for charity.

As a company, we not only want to supply today’s urgency (charity), but also to bring change. The type of change that leads to a place of self-sufficency & prosperity, but even this only addresses the physical needs of the world around us. We know there is an even bigger need and we feel we are called to do more.

Since 2007, this has been our desire as we have;

  • Fought for water and education of the Sudanese People by digging wells and building a school in South Sudan
  • Created empowerment projects for women in Cape Town, South Africa teaching them life and entrepreneurial skills
  • Promoted initiatives that train the homeless and provide a path back to society both locally and around the nation
  • Provided sanctuary for orphans in Haiti, where we fight to reunite families & train those ageing out of the system in manufacturing, farming and construction so they can have the means to thrive on their own
  • Met the needs of children in foster care who’s future is to often uncertain



Philanthropy is the recognized leader in cause-driven retailing. We curate and design our apparel, home and gift products with purpose, passion, style and quality offering our customers a unique platform for giving. This is accomplished through our commitment to give a minimum of 10% of every sale at the store level, and 100% of proceeds online, to charity through local, national and global opportunities.  The cornerstone of every Philanthropy store is the Prayer chapel. Our stores, our brand, our message is all centered around the idea of prayer. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for healing, prayers of hope, prayers of despair, loss and pain, prayers to the God of heaven who hears our prayers.  We have hope not in the answer to prayers, but in the one who answers them, in His time and His way.  It is because of this hope, that we in turn share the love of Christ with others.  We continually strive to be a generous expression of the heart of God in all we do as a company.

“If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?  Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

1 John 3:17-18

At Philanthropy, we strive to be counter-cultural as Jesus was. We are eager to be His hands and feet in all that we do. As we partner with local, domestic and international initiatives we bring much needed support to a world plaged by poverty, abandonment, hunger and injustice while offering the healing and restoration that can only be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We long to hear your story and share with you, ours.  We want to love on you and pray with you, to encourage you and walk along side you in whatever you are going through.


THIS is who we are.

Our Founders

Franklin, TN

Christina Martin

Founder/ Owner

Christina opened Philanthropy in 2007 and remains our fearless leader. She is a mother to two college age boys, one seven year old and an entrepreneur at her very core. She’s here every day, watching us, guiding us, and making us laugh. She’ll tell you all about “the scary place in her head” where all of our display ideas come from – truth is, it’s her background in Visual Merchandising with a BA in Interior Design and some serious architectural ability that make it happen. As our lead-buyer, her taste for the uncommon pieces creates Philanthropy’s ever changing collection of clothing, jewelry and decor. Above all else, her belief that God created her to give a voice to those who may not have one makes Christina a rare and completely awe-inspiring friend, mother and person. We’re not sure how she does it all, but we’re very glad she does.

Christopher Martin


Christophoer, also known as Christina’s husband, business partner and resident handyman earned his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Horticulture and worked for years as a skilled landscape architect.  He’s content to help around the store when he’s not building out the newest Philanthropy franchise. Whenever a light bulb burns out, a door handle breaks, a plant is dying or a floor board creaks, he’s there to fix it. He can out-design, out-display and out-style any of us and in half the time. Our locations would not be quite the visual wonder that they are were it not for his capable hands and discerning eye.

Wilow Martin

Future Boss, Fashionista

The Martin’s adorable daughter is currently the store mascot. At seven, she already has a well curated wardrobe thanks to her talented mom. We give Willow lots of love and respect not only because she’s the cutest kid in the universe, but because we know that one day she’s going to be telling us what to do.

How Can We Pray for You?

We believe in prayer. It is the most powerful and greatest gift you can give someone. In our stores we built a prayer wall for those who need prayer to write them down. We encourage you to do the same here.

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